Do you have what it takes to be the fastest on the park?

Time Trial Tuesdays

Every Tuesday from 4pm – 6pm

Every Tuesday from 4pm – 6pm you’ll have the opportunity to run one of our three challenging time trial courses and have your chance at breaking the current record. Don’t assume that it’ll be so easy, because you’ll slip, slide, sprint, and splash your way to the finish line!

    Course Rules:

    Violating any of the time trial rules will result in immediate disqualification for that run.

    1. Must be 5 years of age or older.
    2. No swimming around / underneath obstacles.
    3. No diving.
    4. No runners can be under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs.
    5. All runners must wear a life vest.

    Current Record Holders

    Jungle Joe

    Age Current Record Holder Time
    30+ Dustin Thomas (34) 2 min 35 sec
    19-29 Logan Pirl (19) 1 min 36 sec
    10-18 Isac Guinn (17) 1 min 20 sec
    Under 10 Eli Thomas (9) 3 min 17 sec

    Sky Rocket

    Age Record Holder Time
    30+ Dalie Vargus (30) 3 min 19 sec
    19-29 Richard Vargus (28) 4 min 22 sec
    10-18 Jayden Joy (12) 2 min 3 sec
    Under 10 Kevin Dragoo (9) 3 min 25 sec

    Summit Express

    Age Record Holder Time
    30+ TBD
    19-29 TBD
    10-18 TBD
    Under 10 TBD

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